Highland Happenings


This Month’s Birthdays

April Birthdays:  1st  Stephanie Holt  2nd  Daniel Simpson  3rd  Bette Meek  5th  Maxwell Reamer  6th  Marilyn Nebel  7th  Bernard Michalek  9th  Shaddai Kinney 13th   Bill Stroia             Jon Whittaker 15th  Tom Schaffner 17th  Mundy Priscilla 19th  Ted Vero 20th  Bob Marquis           Erin Moser           Ryan Forbes           Lillian Spiker 23rd  Lee Abraham 24th  Colin

Easter Egg Hunt

Children’s Choir

We are blessed to have our children love to use their voices and talents to sing praises to Jesus. Under the direction of Karmin Dando, our children will on occasion bring their gifts to our services. The children bless us with songs of joy and worship, as well as always bringing a smile to everyone’s


Church Construction Projects

Kids Bowling Party

Highland Bells

Children’s Breakfast Fundraiser

Highland Jewels

Sanctuary Service Photos

Past Highland happenings.

Fat Tuesday