The ministry of deacons as set forth in Scripture is one of the compassion, witness, and service, sharing the redeeming love of Jesus Christ for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the lost, the friendless, the oppressed, the burdened by unjust policies and structures or anyone in distress. Persons of spiritual character, honest, repute, exemplary lives, brother and sisterly love, sincere compassion, and sound judgment should be chosen for this ministry. - from the Book of Order

Jobs and Ministries:

Keep track of an ever changing list of those who are in need of attention.  Some categories are shut-ins, those who are ill, those who are grieving, those who are struggling financially, and those who are in need of transportation.

Serve funeral dinners when requested.

Serve dinners to 1-2-1 (formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters) when they meet at Highland.

Transport all donations for The City Rescue Mission to its intended destination.

Offer financial assistance to members who need help with rent, food, clothing, and other necessary expenses.

Provide gifts to the women of the church on Mothers' Day and to the men of the church on Fathers' Day.

Coordinate the purchase of Easter Flowers and Christmas poinsettias.

Provide oversight of the Friends of the Family Ministry.

Coordinate the setting up of our Christmas Angel Tree and delivering all of the gifts.

Highland Presbyterian Church is served by our Deacons, led by Co-Chairs Nancy Richards and Alice Sacherich. Also serving as Deacons are Bo Stroia Amabile, Jay Audino, Karmin Dando, Sandy Flowers, Maura Fornataro, Peggy Gibbons, Emily Gilghrist, Marilyn Nebel, Daniel Simpson, and Gina Williams.

2022 Highland Board of Deacons

Class of 2022
Emily Gilghrist
Nancy Richards, Co Chair
Alice Sacherich, Co Chair
Daniel Simpson

Class of 2023
Jay Audino
Karmin Dando
Peggy Gibbons
Gina Williams

Class of 2024
Bo Stroia Amabile
Sandy Flowers
Maura Fornataro
Marilyn Nebel