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November 19:

Highland Church,

A member of our Church who was in worship last Sunday tested positive for coronavirus.  This person did not feel sick before attending, and was wearing a mask throughout the service, but this person did show symptoms later Sunday afternoon, was tested Monday morning, and received the positive results today.  This person is currently recovering and quarantined.
As a result of this, and because of the rising rates of infection in Lawrence County, the Session has decided to suspend worship services for the next two Sundays.  I will post a sermon on our website.  We hope to be back in Church by Sunday December 6.  I will keep you informed of the Session's decision.
The Lord has clearly provided for us in the past, for our needs and our salvation, let us stay focused on the Lord's provision in our present challenges, and in the days ahead.
Together in Christ,
Pastor Rich
November 16:  Karen Evans requests your prayer for her daughter Courtney's family.  Courtney's oldest grandson tested positive for Covid-19.  Now Courtney's husband, Marc, and her other son, Wyatt, are also sick.  Both Marc and Wyatt have complicating health conditions.  Courtney is trying to take care of her family, and she is frightened.
We also need to be praying for Karen as she approaches breast cancer surgery on November 24.
November 13:  Good news about Jean Pitzer!  She had a triple bypass this morning, and came through surgery beautifully.  Jeff will be able to see her later this evening.  And she'll probably be in the hospital another 5 days.  Jeff said, "God is good, the prayers sure work!"
July 15:  Highland Church,Governor Wolf imposed restrictions today prohibiting indoor gatherings of more than 25 people.  However, the Session has decided to keep our Church open for worship.  We will continue to have worship this Sunday at 10 a.m.  We will continue to follow CDC guidelines.  Children's Church will be available for children 4 and up.  And this Sunday we will reopen our nursery for Children ages 3 and under, (children ages 3 will be required to wear a mask the entire time they are in the nursery, children ages 2 and under will not be required to wear masks, as per CDC guidelines).  My sermon will be posted online for those not attending.
Together in Christ,
Pastor Rich
(If you know of someone  who would like to be on the Prayer Chain to receive Prayer requests, please let Pastor Rich  know.  We need as many people praying as we can, but I don't want to burden people with what are often sad and difficult requests.)
May the Lord also strengthen your spirit and fill you with hope as you lift up these requests in prayer.  When you pray, God's Spirit prays with you, so be encouraged!
In Christ's love,
Pastor Rich

Worship Services Resuming -

Sunday, May 31, was our first Sunday back in Church.  Many changes and precautions were in place. 

The Worship service will begin at 10:00 a.m. Summer hours. 
Masks & Sanitizer: Bring your own mask, or a mask will be provided at the door.  A member of the Security Team will provide 1 sanitizing towelette per person. 
Social Distancing: We've got a big building, spread out and use it!  On the lower level, signs will be placed so that people will sit in every fourth pew.  Feel free to venture to the balcony and have fun sitting in those far off seats that are never used.  We can make this fun, and easily worship without being in spitting distance of another soul!
Restrooms: Use of restrooms will be limited to one person at a time.  
Bibles and Hymnals have been removed from pews, and we will not be passing out a  Bulletin.  We want to avoid touching things.
The Offering will not be collected during the worship service.  After the service, your offering can be deposited at the door, monitored by a member of the Safety Team.
Communion: We will not be doing communion at this time.
Dismissal: We will be dismissing by pews, and will not be socializing or fellowshiping after the  service.   
Those not able to come: We understand that many in our congregation are not yet ready (or physically able) to come to Church.  I will continue to put my sermons on YouTube.  (I will probably put a delay on the release, so the sermon can't be viewed until 10 a.m.)  The Session is in the planning stages of video recording and live streaming the worship service.

God in Your mercy, please hear our prayers.

Operation Shoebox - Online this year!


Bless Children Around
the World Without Leaving Home

Now more than ever, children need great joy! You can give boys and girls in need a tangible expression of God’s love through a gift-filled shoebox packed from your computer or handheld device. In just a few clicks, you can select toys and other fun items to include as well as a letter and photo to delight the heart of a child. After we pack and ship shoeboxes like yours overseas, local believers share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with children as they distribute them. As a result, families are reached, new churches are started, and communities are transformed. It all begins with you. Pack a shoebox online today!

Help City Rescue Mission Feed
Hungry People This Thanksgiving

In Western Pennsylvania, many people less fortunate than us will go hungry this Thanksgiving. With your help, they will be able to receive all of the ingredients for a nice Thanksgiving dinner.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, The City Rescue Mission has a greater than usual need for donations. We are asking our congregation to join with us in helping the City Rescue Mission meet this need. Below is a chart with 5 successive Sundays listed and accompanying food items for that week.

With your help in sharing these blessings, we can help many people have a truly thankful Thanksgiving meal.

October 18 Rice and Pasta
October 25 Canned Soup and Crackers
November 1 Instant Potatoes and Instant Gravy
November 8 Pancake Mix and Syrup
November 15 Tea and Coffee

Pastor Appreciation:

We at Highland thank God for Pastor Rich. He is a preacher, a teacher, a listener, and a friend. God needed someone to care for His flock (Us) and we are so blessed to have him and Christianna.

Music Director Appreciation:

We want to thank Maura for her timeless efforts, hours, and devotion to our Music Ministry. We appreciate her beautiful musical talent and her willingness to bless us with her many gifts every Sunday.

Fall Gathering and Hayride

Fall Gathering and Hayride

There was a Hayride and Fall Gathering on Friday, October 23, at the Thompson home. It was a perfect night. To ensure everyone's safety, we had hand sanitizers at each table and masks available. The tables, both inside and outside, were spaced more than six feet apart, and only six people per table. Even in these trying times, a good evening was had by all attending.
Be sure to view all of the photos from the festivities.

Payton Flannery Baptism

Logan Schweitzer Baptism

May 31st was our first day back to our Sunday Worship Service since March 15th. It was definitely a different experience with the masks on but, it felt so great to be back.

Praise the Lord! God is good!

We are all praying things will continue to improve and we will be able to continue to worship Sunday mornings in our sanctuary.

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