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Prayer Request

July 29:  Katy Hudak request our prayers for her father, Andy.  Andy has atrial fibrillation, he's sleeping a lot, and very tired, and his is concerned he is not well.  Andy has a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Please pray that God will sustain Andy's heart, and that the doctors will accurately diagnose the problem, and have wisdom in leading Andy to healing.
July 22:  Jessica Stroia was involved in a car accident today and broke her arm in two places.  She is in a great deal of pain and is having surgery tomorrow morning.
Also, Laurie Jones requests our prayers for two young boys, Remington (3) and Colton (2), who were in a car accident today and were badly bruised.
July 19:  UPDATE - Joe McIlvenny is going home from the hospital this afternoon.  He has pneumonia and antibiotics to treat it.  This is very good news!
July 18:  This Prayer Request is from Karmin Dando.  Karmin knows a little girl named Elyana who has a large tumor on her spine.  Elyana is having surgery tomorrow afternoon at Children's Hospital.  Elyana is the sister of Zayden, another boy we had been praying for with health difficulties.  Elyana lives in the Croton area.  Pray for Elyana's healing, and for the whole family's well being.
July 18:  Alma  Thompson is requesting continued prayers for Ted Gilson, a 74 year old man who was injured by a piece of farm equipment in a horrifying accident on April 18.   Ted is now in a rehabilitation facility trying very hard to do his exercises and therapy so he will be able to return home to his wife and family.
The Worship service will begin at 10:00 a.m.
The Offering will not be collected during the worship service.  After the service, your offering can be deposited at the door, monitored by a member of the Safety Team.
Communion:   Will be served in individual cups with the bread and wine in one.  We are taking precaution because of Covid.   

Elliot's Baptism

Church Family Picnic

Jeremiah and Monica Vojtko's Baby Shower

Savannah's Baptism

May 31st was our first day back to our Sunday Worship Service since March 15th. It was definitely a different experience with the masks on but, it felt so great to be back.

Praise the Lord! God is good!

We are all praying things will continue to improve and we will be able to continue to worship Sunday mornings in our sanctuary.

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