3rd     John and Terri Crawford

5th     Lenny and Bo Stroia Ambile

18th   Don and Alma Thompson


5th    Dino and Betsy Saines

12th   Louis and Toni Spelich

22nd    Chris and Gina Cole

28th    Mark and Katy Hudak


1st     Dan and Maryann Broschart

6th    Dominicio and Sherri Cuccaro

7th    Al and Mary Jane Rutyna

8th    Dennis and Marilyn Nebel

16th    John and Peggy Gibbons

Jason and Danielle Pacchioni

17th    Doug and Maria Opp

18th     Bob and Judi Naugle

19th    Rich and Christianna Kinney

28th    Harry and Maureen Flannery