9th   Charles and Marilyn Cook

12th   Bob and Sue Frenz

17th   Kenny and Janie Richards

27th   Andy and Judy Both


1st      Jeremiah and Monica Vojtko

2nd      Doug and Sue Spiker

7th      Howard and Sandy Flowers

8th      Bill and Fran Heasley

10th     Joe and Karen McIlvenny

12th     Noah and Kristen Wandel

15th      Brooklyn Schweitzer

20th      Brandon and Jeannine Reamer

23rd      Bill and Maggie Stroia

27th     Mike and Maura Fornataro

28th     Bob and Judy Capezio


2nd       Harold and Marge Rapp

Mark and Amy Pelto

4th        Todd and Sue Alexander

5th        Bob and  Jan Marquis

8th        Carl and Alice Sacherich

9th         Jim and Trish Newell

20th        Eric and Robin Spiker

30th        Greg and Jessica Argiro