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Our Address: 708 Highland Ave, New Castle, PA

Upcoming Birthdays


  1st   Herman Mielke

  2nd  Katie Ayers

  3rd  Elia Faith Dando

  5th  Maxine Sampson

 14th  Jane Nelson

 16th   Abby Ambrosini

 22nd  Jack Robert Byler

            James Byron

 24th  Kristen Pascoe

 28th  Mary Jane Mills

 29th  Tom Kelly

 31st  Anne Graham

          Barbara Troutman


 1st     Arron Henry

2nd    Carol Stole

5th     Judi Naugle

6th     Monica Sallmen

7th     Darrell Walker

11th   Greg Walker

14th   Ava Byler

17th  Clint Saines

18th  Marge Rapp

          Robert Capezio

22nd  Velvet Audino

         Emily Gilghrist

         James Logan

24th  Callen Pacchioni

           Theresa Werling

26th   Ashlynn Ayers

           Kim Forbes

28th   Eivin Vojtko

29th   Tracy Milliren

30th   Janie Richards

31st   Caterina Pacchioni

           Airianna Pascoe


 2nd    Jorgia Horrell

 3rd     Louie Spelich

           Sydney Moser

 4th     Jay Audino

  8th    Howard Kinney

10th    Sherri Cuccaro

15th    Dick Flannery

           Don Thompson

17th    Kathy Finley

           Sue Frenz

19th    Tess Ambrosini

            Lauren Wolfe

20th     Emily Horrell

21st     Cortney Sedor

            Kim Loche

22nd    Bernadette Schaffner

24th     Bill Coates

            Florence Walker

28th     Alex Hodges



Join Us on Sundays! Sunday School at 10 am, Morning Worship at 11 am!
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