Traveling Host

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The Traveling Host Life Group is a women’s group, and we are always looking for new members!  In a very relaxed environment, we fellowship with women and are open and honest about our lives and enjoy the support of our fellow Christian sisters.
This fall, we have chosen to study “Good to Great in God’s Eyes” by Chip Ingram.  We plan to begin this study in late September (date not set).   Our current sisterhood consists of: Laurie Jones (Leader, Bernadette Schaffner, Barb Sodersten, Bobbi Dougherty, Barb Dando, and our newest member, Katie Cole.

While trying to put into words the true concept of our group,  I found this wonderful paragraph written by Andrew Arterbury who is the Assistant Professor of Christian Scriptures at George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.  He gives us a summary of Jesus’ teachings on hosting taken from Luke.
“Luke repeatedly focuses on the ancient practice of hospitality, the custom of welcoming travelers or strangers into one’s home while committing to provide them with protection and provisions. This custom functions as an effective bridge for evangelization and the unification of the early Church. Yet this custom is not a one-sided ministry for Jesus’ disciples: they are called to be both exemplary hosts and exemplary guests as they carry out the ministry of Jesus in word and deed. Hospitality establishes a truly interdependent and reciprocal relationship that requires disciples, whether they are hosts or guests, to view the stranger as a valuable child of God.”

Members are encouraged to host the group at their own home on occasion, but most of our meetings are held at either Barb Sodersten’s or Bernadette Schaffner’s homes.

The book can be purchased here.
A free pdf study guide for the book can be downloaded here.